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Physical Education

At Mount Street we are athletes! We want children to be inspired to live a healthy and happy life and believe it is our role to provide as many engaging activities and experiences as possible.

We take great pride in working together with Premier Coaching to deliver the highest standard of physical education (PE). Integrating coaches into our PE lessons enables us to gain specialist knowledge and activities that we would not normally be able to provide, such as balance-ability in the Early Years, fencing in Year 1, and archery in Year 2. Working with Premier also gives our staff access to training sessions throughout the year to ensure they deliver PE lessons to the highest standards.

Our school values of determination and aspiration feature prominently in our approach to PE at Mount Street. We aim to organise as many inspiring events as possible for children to open their minds to aim high. A recent example of this is our Olympian Visit. Children were sponsored to complete a fitness circuit and had the chance to listen to an inspiring and extremely engaging talk from Olympian Joe Roebuck!

We also encourage friendly competition. It is extremely important that children can work as a team, but it is just important that they are able to play competitively and accept winning or losing in a friendly way. Competition is provided through external events for Key Stage 1 and, of course, our very popular Sports Day in summer.

You can find a full description of our PE curriculum intent, implementation and impact in the Quality of Education (QED) document below.