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At Mount Street Academy, we are musicians! We want our children to love music. After all, it is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity.

We want them to hear, experience and appreciate music on a range on different levels and therefore have no limits in their ambitions and to grow up knowing they can be composers, songwriters, producers, DJs and even pop stars.

Our ethos is that we Create a haven in which children flourish. We strongly believe that by raising the profile of music in our school, we will build children’s creativity, flair and confidence to express themselves through experimentation, develop skills and emotional understanding.

We believe all children are musicians and want them to develop their musical skills and knowledge. Exposure to musical experiences is woven into many aspects of our curriculum and enrichment opportunities. These include:

  • Music workshops delivered by experts.
  • Our Composer of the Term, where children engage for an extended period of time with a particular composer to listen and learn about their style.
  • Exposure to different pieces of music during assemblies and music lessons from an external company.

We are committed to raising the profile of music at Mount Street Academy!

You can find a full description of our music curriculum intent, implementation and impact in the Quality of Education (QED) document below.