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Our curriculum

About our curriculum

Our curriculum is the heartbeat of our school. It is carefully designed around the social and educational needs of our local area to create a rich and varied learning journey that develops the whole child.

Our curriculum is aspirational for our children, to enable them to aim high and achieve success, whatever their background or starting point.

We recognise that all children deserve the same life chances, particularly those who are disadvantaged. Our curriculum recognises our responsibility for providing all children with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to prepare them for their future lives. We place particular emphasis on language learning and vocabulary from the moment our children join us in the early years.

We support all learners to realise their potential, achieve excellence and success by experiencing a curriculum which ignites a love of learning that will last them for life. We hope that all children will have had the opportunity to discover and follow individual passions which they will continue to build on in their future.

We promise that by the time children leave us at the end of Key Stage1, they will have started to become determined, independent and wanting to develop their learning further.

Our children will be confident individuals who are enthusiastic about contributing to their community and the wider society. We want them to demonstrate empathy and know their potential as world-changers.

We hope that through our curriculum, they will recognise their own responsibility to make a difference to others and the fragile world in which we live. We work hard to create an environment where children feel valued and understand what it means to feel safe.

We encourage children to be hopeful and to think positively. We believe that everything is possible, and we are relentless in our optimism, ambition, energy and passion.

The curriculum is adapted as appropriate and in line with the SEND Code of Practice guidance, Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014.

Further information

Our Mount Street Academy Curriculum on a Page, outlining the general intent, implementation and impact of our whole-school curriculum, and our Curriculum Drivers document can be found below.

Parents and carers can find out more about the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework for Nursery and Reception, and the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 by clicking on the following links: