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When teaching history at Mount Street Academy, we aim to provide a curriculum which caters for the needs of all individual children.

We aim to engage, inspire and challenge our children's inquisitiveness so that they will have a broader understanding of the world in which they live. We encourage continuous questioning as it helps ignite the children’s passion and interest in learning about their past, origin and culture.

We believe that history forms an integral part of the curriculum and that we are historians. Our children/historians will develop an awareness of the past through coherent knowledge and understanding. They will learn about significant individuals who have made a difference nationally and internationally. They will also learn about significant historical events within our local area of Lincoln City. They will study changes within living memory as well as events beyond living memory that are nationally and globally significant.

Our children will learn within a chronological framework. This starts right at the beginning of EYFS. In Nursery, they gain an understanding of themselves, which is then consolidated in Reception. It is paramount a child knows themselves first before they can begin to understand the significance of others.

You can find a full description of our history curriculum intent, implementation and impact in the Quality of Education (QED) document below.