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Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum at Mount Street Academy aims to be rich, inspiring and broad - providing all children with a wide range of first hand, play-based learning experiences.

Our EYFS setting is an ‘enabling environment’, which means the indoor and outdoor classrooms are organised in a way that makes it easy for children to engage with and explore the spaces and things around them.

The EYFS curriculum develops children’s love of learning, their independence and creative thinking skills. Our approach develops determined, resilient, empathetic individuals, who are learning through interactions with one another, with adults, and with their environment.

In EYFS at Mount Street, children acquire effective behaviours for learning, independence, creative thinking, the ability to solve problems, and to be curious and interested in the world around them.

You can find a full description of our EYFS curriculum intent, implementation and impact in the EYFS Quality of Education (QED) document at the bottom of this page.